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Kooperativa extended possibilities of information on liquidation of claims

Another information channel has been added to the Internet—SMS to a mobile phone. Advantages, possibilities and statistics of existing and new services...
Published: 30.3.2010 23:35

PRAGUE (Autofox) - Kooperativa pojistovna has extended possibilities of tracking the development of claims. New to the liquidation of claims is sending information on the state of claims to a mobile phone, which will supplement an already used information channel—the Internet. The new service can be used by clients within property insurance, liability and car insurance.

Activation is simple. “It is enough when our clients send a short text message in the form STAV SKODY 0123456789 (where 0123456789 is the number of the claim) on the phone number +420 736 305 667. They will receive a message with basic information about the claim by return,” Kooperativa board member and deputy CEO Konstantin Alexejenko stated.

The information SMS service is an addition to the service “View the status of claim on the web,” which clients of Kooperativa have used since spring 2009. “Periodically we have registered over 13,000 visitors and 5,500 attached documents a month,” Alexejenko added.

The information SMS focuses on clients who do not have web access or are currently out of its reach and would like to know what is happening about their claim. In this message they are informed about the current state of the claim (for example, that the damage was registered or pending). In the event that Kooperativa needs some documents from a client to liquidate the claim, these requirement are stated in the message.

Thanks to the new service clients of Kooperativa have instant access to information on the state of liquidation of their claims and can react immediately to supplement the necessary documents. This can greatly accelerate the processing of claim.

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