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Skoda Auto confirmed arrival of new CEO Winfried Vahland

Previous Skoda Auto board chairman Reinhard Jung will retire after three years in office. The change will take place on...
Published: 31.5.2010 02:19

WOLFSBURG/MLADA BOLESLAV (Autofox) - German carmaker Volkswagen has officially confirmed that its subsidiary, Skoda Auto will be led by Winfried Vahland (53, photo 1), the current head of the Volkswagen Group in China, from September 1. The previous chairman of the board of Skoda Auto Reinhard Jung (59, photo 2) will retire.

“Reinhard Jung successfully engaged in the development of the traditional Skoda brand. For this and even his merits in his previous positions, I want to sincerely thank him on behalf of the group. In Winfried Vahland Skoda Auto gains a successor with excellent experience in company management and brand management. Winfried Vahland has a large proportion of the fact that China has become Volkswagen’s second domestic market,” chairman of the board of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn said.

Jung joined the Volkswagen Group in 1974. From 1996-2001, he headed the plant in Braunschweig and then the branch Volkswagen de Mexico. In 2004, Jung was appointed as a member of the board of the Volkswagen brand for production and logistics. Since October 2007, he has been chairman of the board of Skoda Auto.

Vahland joined the Audi Brand in Ingolstadt in 1990, where he took over the controlling of business planning and analysis of results and sales. In 2002, he was appointed a member of the board of Skoda Auto for the field of economics. In June 2005, Vahland took up his present position at Volkswagen in China.

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